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  Christmas is a Christian holiday held on December 25 which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Eastern Orthodox Churches, which use the Julian Calendar to determine feast days, celebrate on January 7 by the Gregorian Calendar. Both dates are merely traditional and neither is thought to be the actual birthdate of Jesus. Christ's birth, or nativity, is said to fulfill Old Testament prophecies concerning the coming of a messiah, or savior.

  The word Christmas is derived Middle English Christemasse and from Old English Cristes mæsse. It is a contraction meaning "Christ's mass". The name of the holiday is often shortened to Xmas because Roman letter "X" resembles the Greek letter Χ, an abbreviation for Christ.

  In Western countries, Christmas has become the most economically significant holiday of the year. The popularity of Christmas can be traced in part to its status as a winter festival. Many cultures have their most important holiday in winter because there is less agricultural work to do at this time. Examples of winter festivals that are believed by some to have influenced Christmas include the pre-Christian festivals of Yule and Saturnalia.

  In Western culture, the holiday is characterized by the exchange of gifts among friends and family members, some of the gifts being attributed to Santa Claus. However, various local and regional Christmas traditions are still practiced, despite the widespread influence of American, British and Australian Christmas motifs disseminated by film, popular literature, television, and other media.

  圣誕節是12月25日舉行的節日,慶祝Jesus Christ的誕生。東正教,用Julian Calendar來決定節日,在公歷1月7日慶祝。這兩個日期都只是傳統的和不被認為是Jesus實際出生日期。耶穌基督的誕生,或耶穌降生,據說是舊約預言中關于彌賽亞或救世主到來的預言。

  圣誕節這個詞是來自中世紀英語Christemasse和古英語Cristes MæSSE。這是一個收縮,意思是“基督彌撒”。這個節日的名字往往是縮短到圣誕節,因為羅馬字母“X”類似于希臘字母Χ,縮寫為基督的緣故。




  Christmas, annual Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Most members of the Roman Catholic Church and followers of Protestantism celebrate Christmas on December 25, and many celebrate on the evening of December 24 as well. Members of the Eastern Orthodox Church usually delay their most important seasonal ceremonies until January 6, when they celebrate Epiphany, a commemoration of the baptism of Jesus. Epiphany also traditionally commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men of the East in Bethlehem (near Jerusalem, Israel).

  where they adored the infant Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The official Christmas season, popularly known as either Christmastide or the Twelve Days of Christmas, extends from the anniversary of Christ’s birth on December 25 to the feast of Epiphany on January 6.Christmas is based on the story of Jesus’ birth as described in the Gospel according to Matthew (see Matthew 1:18-2:12) and the Gospel according to Luke (see Luke 1:26-56). Roman Catholics first celebrated Christmas, then known as the Feast of the Nativity, as early as 336 ad. The word Christmas entered the English language sometime around 1050 as the Old English phrase Christes maesse.

  meaning “festival of Christ.” Scholars believe the frequently used shortened form of Christmas—Xmas—may have come into use in the 13th century. The X stands for the Greek letter chi, an abbreviation of Khristos (Christ), and also represents the cross on which Jesus was crucified.




  one day ,long ago ,a litter baby was name was jesus.

  jesus was a special people say he was the son of god.

  think that he is born in the sky having a new come into being, and evasive intense star brilliant rays occasionally. have had three sages to follow person star brilliant rays , have found jesus. they have brought about the peculiar gift, and have foretold that jesus grows up may become a great people the day afer tomorrow.

  jesus has become great one teacher after growing up, he has taught people loving god heartily , shown loving care for each other.

  afterwards,jesus is envied and hated because of meeting with judaism upper strata, the nail is suffered calamities on the cross , the at last is passed away by evil person.

  people hangs with the star in the christmas tree top for the thing commemorating jesus , when christmas day , people give present each other.













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